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Wednesday, November 17

Onward Christian Soldiers, Marching to Bush's War

I thought it a little strange when my son's draft card came in the mail shortly after his 18th birthday. We hadn't decided if we wanted him to sign up for the draft (ya know being that his father and I are former flower children) and finding out just how serious a crime it is to not sign up. Well that was settled. He got a draft card and there was no way to reply or tell anyone that he conscienciously objects to this.

So today, I happened to be reading the Beauregard Daily News in Louisiana and I see that even 15 year olds are being signed up for the draft in advance as soon as they get their licenses. This has greatly disturbed some folks. They contend that when a minor signs the dotted line for a drivers license, it should not be taken as an application for the selective service. According to the article, "Federal law only provides for ''early submission'' of information by a young man who is at least 17 years and three months old, he noted. When he turns 18, it is forwarded to the proper database."

The reporter asked some minors what they think about this:

''I don't care,'' said Mark Fontenot, a 16-year-old student at Apostolic Christian Academy.

Pineville High School student Josh Stokes, 15, said, ''I think it's good.'

''I think it's all right. I can't do anything about it anyway,'' said Stephen White, 16 and a student at Alexandria Senior High School.
Oh boy.

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