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Wednesday, November 24

My Holiday Wishes to All

from pissed off patricia

We are quickly approaching the day I happily refer to as National Eating Day. I guess you could also call it National Eating, Watching Football and Napping Day. Maybe even National Tryptophan Day. That would pretty much wrap it up nicely for most of us.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be the day religious people thank their god for all they feel grateful for and for all the wonderful things they have. Things like family, health etc. Non-religious people can be thankful too, they just don't have to write thank you notes to anyone. That's fine.

Luck seems to me to have a lot to do with what you have and don't have. I don't believe a god was punishing my neighbor for being an ass, which my neighbor surely is, by sending two hurricanes here this year. It would be kind of mean to blow the roofs off of so many homes in this area just to punish one jerk. It would be a very costly and very mean sort of way to let one guy know he needs to stop being so damned selfish and demanding. I don't think as Jeb bush does that a god sends hurricanes on a predestined path. I think we were just damned unlucky, unfortunate, call it what you will. I am grateful that the damage wasn't any worse and that we are on our way to total recovery.

I'm grateful that I found the perfect gentleman to call my husband. That wasn't luck, that was determination on my part. No thank you notes to anyone but me for that charming part of my life today. I found him, I love him so much and I'm keeping him, just as I have for 18 years.

I'm grateful that my pets are in good health and content little creatures. We are a mutual admiration family on that front. We have a bundle of love and it's shared.

You probably have a great and long list of things you are grateful for this holiday week. Would you like to share? If so, please do. We have spent so many months together complaining about the world, let's take one day to share with one another what makes us happy.

Have a wonderful, safe and happy holiday. And as the greeting card says, Gobble 'till you Wobble.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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