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Wednesday, November 17

my congressman, Tom DeLay

Get on over to The Rude Pundit. He articulates the very being of Tom De Lay, my congressman, so well. His Rudeness also describes my current place of residence, Sugar Land, Texas with such accuracy, it makes me believe that The Rude Pundit is my neighbor!

I haven't written about DeLay because he makes me so angry that I simply can't string two words together about him. He is everything wrong with politics. Of course it is that very disgust that allows DeLay to grow stronger, like mold on the side of your doublewide, like cockroaches after a nuclear holocaust. One of my former students did walk up to him at church and tell him that she and I thought he was a hypocrite.

Really gave The Hammer pause, didn't it?

If there is a Gawd, Tom DeLay will be indicted. Those associates of his who were true billed by the Austin grand jury--you certainly couldn't get one in Harris or Ft. Bend County to investigate him--will roll over on him. The Republicans must be worried about it or they wouldn't have changed the rule.

More as this develops.

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