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Friday, November 19

Movie Review: "The Hunting Of A President"

is based on the book by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons. The movie version which I viewed last night by Harry Thomason and Nickolas Perry is a depressing look at the 8 years of Clinton bashing we were subjected to and also makes the current hijacking of the GOP even more clear to this viewer.

The movie was riddled with cutesy retro filmclips set to Morgan Freeman's narration. I could have lived without it, but I was watching it for content more than editing. The editing was pretty good though. There wasn't enough content, but I imagine Freeman would have to read the whole book to us in order for all the content to be covered.

The point of the movie was the smear campaign lodged against Bill Clinton from the get go. It featured interviews with Paul Begala, David Brock, Susan McDougal and various other journalists and people close to the McDougals and Clintons including some of the bad guys who hated Clinton in Arkansas and started this mess. Susan McDougal's account of what happened to her was chilling, especially the horrible way she was treated in prison. She is truly an American hero and patriot.

The smear campaign started with Arkansas right wing radicals who would do anything to smear Clinton including parading out Gennifer Flowers and that Paula Jones character. I remember that time in history even though I was very a-political at the time. I was busy doing the PTA and the mommy thing and only caught headlines in the paper and the evening news if I was lucky. I was a religion teacher, mind you, a recent graduate of a theological seminary and I was more disgusted at the pigs who went after Clinton than Clinton himself.

I was disappointed when I saw Paula Jones back then and disgusted when viewing the movie. Not that I have anything against hideous looking women, it was just that she was so sleezy and cheap. The whole story was so bogus. Honestly, a hunk like Clinton would never drop his drawers to seduce a woman. Nope. Men like him are used to women throwing themselves at them. He was no exception. We women used to discuss that at the playground. We figured that the people going after Clinton were just jealous of his charisma and charm. They still are.

Then the movie goes on to the Whitewater faux scandal. Watching that crap now in light of the worse scandals perpetrated by the bushies, just made me depressed. I am positive now that Whitewater was nothing. The journalists at the time sold their souls just like they did during the lead up to the Iraq quagmire we are in now.

When Hillary Clinton told the world about the vast right wing conspiracy, journalists scoffed, but in reality, many Americans knew it was true. I believed her because I couldn't believe the crap being paraded before us by the press about the president's private life. I always liked her and to this very day, I don't know why people hate her. Hillary was everything I wanted to be. Smart, self assured, outspoken, assertive and a babe. Only jealousy would make anyone hate her. But the movie wasn't about her. I'm just reminiscing.

After watching the movie, I'm interested in reading the book as I'm sure the movie simply glossed over the details. David Brock gave chilling descriptions of the time as did Susan McDougal. The depiction of Kenneth Starr didn't even come close to the evil and perverted man he really is but it did connect some dots I had missed. But all you have to do is think back to the Starr report and think of all the news coverage and your images of the giant circle jerk that must have gone on in the house when they read it. It was disgusting then and disgusting now. I never read the report and I refused to listen to it on TV. I guess back then the FCC wasn't into barring pornography and perversion on television like they are now. God, I hated the press and the senators questioning Clinton back then. What hypocrisy.

Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. -Jesus

The movie makes no apologies for Clinton's indiscretion with Monica. Everyone was disappointed including myself although sometimes I think that she was a plant. Even the Clinton library stories from yesterday included references to his sex scandal. How sick. How very sick and perverted the press is. Not everyone in America likes this stuff. Why professional college educated journalists would pander to disseminating sleeze still amazes me although I understand that it's all about money and the bottom line and not ethics and truth.

Think about this: During Clinton's administration, the press was more interested in his detractors than what he was doing for the country and during the Bush administration, bush's detractors are glossed over and his lies are reported as truth. Weird, huh?

I remember my mother in law always telling me about the liberal agenda. What liberal agenda? Hell, we need an agenda and should get working on it right now. The first thing we have to do is plant liberals in the media.

You should definitely get your hands on this movie or the book.
By the way, we watched 'White Chicks' after 'Hunting of the President' so we wouldn't go to sleep depressed. White Chicks is hilarious.

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