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Friday, November 19

Just Say No To Shopping.

What better way to stick it to the man?
Oh I love the smell of anarchy in the morning....

Check out
He has the 1o Commandments for Buy Nothing Day 2004 (11/26)

And Join the Christmas Resistance Movement (Praise the Lord!)
Hat tip to Jesus Politics for the good links!

  • People complain that Walmart ruins their communities, but they still shop there. It's cheap. People complain about the media, but they still watch it or read it.
  • People complain about pollution but they drive SUVs and support the president who is devoted to industries who pollute and lowers the emissions standards and cuts down trees!
  • People complain about corporations but they buy stock in them, they support them, they vote for an administration that gives more power to non-voting corporations than to the people.
  • People complain about gasoline prices but they still drive gas guzzlers, take the car out several times a day for little errands, sit in traffic rather than use mass transit where available, drive a few blocks away, drive to work alone and keep the gas pumps pumping.

What ever happened to sacrifice? That's one thing that this administration is averse to, isn't it? When we were terrorized after 9/11, we were told to be scared, to be vigilant, but by all means to go shopping. What is wrong with this picture?

How much stuff do we need? Where do we put it? It's hard to get rid of it, isn't it? Stuff is a burden. Stop shopping.

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