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Wednesday, November 24

Jim Wallis on Meet the Press

This Sunday, Jim Wallis of Sojourners is going to be on Meet the Press. Remember him? God is not a Republican... or a Democrat ? He's going to talk about Moral Values.

"It's time to spark a real debate in this country over what the most important "religious issues" and "moral values" in politics are - and how broadly and deeply they are understood. Religion doesn't fall neatly into right and left categories. If there were ever candidates running with a strong set of personal moral values and a commitment to be pro-poor and pro-peace, it could build many bridges to the other side. Personal and social responsibility are both at the heart of religion, and the two together could make a very powerful and compelling political vision for the future of our bitterly divided nation. -Jim Wallis"

(hat tip: Chuck Currie)

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