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Friday, November 12

It's Not A Red State/Blue State Thing

Down With Fancy Book Learnin'
What's it mean that the big cities and college towns of America all voted blue?
From Morford today:

"...more to it than the conservative Right's hatred of same-sex marriage or French restaurants or fancy book learnin'. What to make of the astounding fact, for example, that the very places that are most in danger of attack from terrorism -- that is, places like New York, D.C., Los Angeles -- all went overwhelmingly blue?

"Put another way, if terrorism was, for the fear-drunk red states, indeed the most galvanizing issue this election, why did those places most susceptible to attack (or, in New York's case, still reeling from one) vote for Kerry in such astounding numbers? What do they know that, say, Kentucky doesn't?


"Yessir, I guess they showed those goddamn liberals. Guess they showed those damn college boys who's boss. Guess they showed those of us who are most at risk of terror attack and most open to change and most welcoming to the various variations of love and marriage and art and culture in this country who really owns the big stick. "

How very unfortunate, then, that we are all to be beaten with it "

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