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Thursday, November 11

I Wish Today Wasn't Veterans Day

by pissed off patricia

I wish today wasn't Veteran's Day. I wish human beings didn't have a propensity for violence and greed. I wish everyone on earth could be able to see all the beauty of life and enjoy their own to such an extent that they wanted to share their joy rather than destroy the joy and life of others. I wish man was a completely gentle creature and could adopt and compromise with others to enable his fellow man, rather than destroy him.

Perhaps these are wishes for the impossible. Perhaps we have accepted that our lives depend on taking rather than sharing. Perhaps man is a nasty being who has little if any regard for life at all, except the life that is yet to emerge from the mother's womb. Perhaps killing criminals and foes in war is the sane way to a better tomorrow, but it doesn't appear that approach has any lasting effect. The only thing that lasts is the dead remain dead.

I wish there had never been any wars at all. I wish that instead of killing each other, that humans could compromise and share. I wish it wasn't a part of us to compete to death. I wish man was a completely rational being and that evil actions were not a part of any human's makeup. I wish today wasn't Veteran's Day because I wish there had never been a time when human beings pitted themselves against one another with death being their primary goal.

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