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Thursday, November 18

I Almost Forgot About the Environment!... no I didn't

Melting snow in the arctic will make a difference in my local climate and yours too. Ice melt will affect the salinity of the Atlantic Ocean thus messing up the Gulf Stream which keeps the temperatures moderate in my coastal area. We could have a mini ice age in the northern hemisphere. The British Isles and Europe are also in danger of a mini ice age because the Gulf Stream is what keeps the British Isles mild too. Not to mention, more water in the ocean will cause coastal areas to flood. Maybe Long Island and Manhattan will be the Atlantis scientists will look for in thousands of years. In 50 years, we could be under the water. (don't you love my scientific explanation for what is happening? heh.)

Sure this stuff can happen without our pollution, but isn't it possible that we are speeding it up?

Bush complains that controlling pollution will cause a loss of jobs in manufacturing and be too costly for our economy which is the biggest crock of shit I have ever heard in my life. There already is a loss of jobs in manufacturing and it isn't because of pollution controls. And what exactly is being manufactured that we can't live without which causes all this pollution? How much shit do we need and where are we supposed to put it? And when we run out of room in our houses for all this crap, it goes to a landfill and takes up more room. This "who gives a shit about the future because we won't be here" attitude displayed by the bush administration is irresponsible and disgraceful. The corporations in the US are making more money than ever! If they assumed pollution controls, it would merely make them make a little bit less money. Why the hell do they have to make so much money? It's not like it's trickling down to the poor schlubs who work at these corporations. What do they think they need so much money for anyway? Greedy greedy bastards.

If it isn't bad enough that the U.S. is ravaging oil rich lands for corporate profiteering, the CEO's obviously are stupid, ignorant, morons for not exploring alternate means of manufacturing cars and products for the past 30 years since we first realized that oil is a foreign policy commodity and there is not an endless source of fuel. Remember all the pollution scares of 30 years ago? Remember Love Canal? Does no one learn? We did clean up the environment quite a bit since then. But what happened? Manufacturers could have made a bigger fortune by inventing new technology and fuel efficient cars.

My area is adversely affected by air pollution. Studies have shown that the crappy air from the midwest industrial areas blows right over NYC and Long Island. Our air pollution has gone up since bush took the helm. I have had pneumonia twice and breathing problems. Of course we have idiot ass republicans living here too who wish to drive gigantic vehicles for local stop and go driving. And pretty much the NYC area is all stop and go driving. Asthma is up in our area too. Hardly anyone had asthma years ago. Now it seems like everyone has an inhaler. What is up with that?

My favorite Environmental Blog, Howling at the Waning Moon, points out this article that says that John McCain is outraged at the Bush administration's lack of concern for these environmental hazards. It turns out that he was just going along with bush to help him with the campaign. He has proposed a bill that he doesn't think will pass in the house. Nice. So what the hell good is John McCain? Too little too late. This party politics crap is ridiculous. Either you give a shit about your country and your planet or you don't. If John McCain gave a shit about the environment, he would have campaigned for Kerry.

There are trees growing in the tundra, polar bears are going to die, our ocean will be less salty, mild climates are going to get cooler, people have trouble breathing, we are losing jobs in our country regardless of the environmental disaster, we're running out of oil and it's just making me sick. Literally.

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I'm not done ranting. But this is enough for the day. Bookmark Howling at the Waning Moon

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