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Saturday, November 27

Greedy Hogs in Angel Costumes

by pissed off patricia

Okay, I admit it. I don't understand how the "faithful" are able to spend all their capital fighting against abortion and gay marriage when the future of our country is threatened by a plague of Greedy Bastards. Many too many of our problems today are the results of greed. We are earth hogs and we are financial hogs. Greedy hogs need to stop gobbling up our future.

I posted a report about the Repubs going after the Endangered Species Act today. There would be no argument with the Act if Americans weren't so damned greedy. It's all about me they cry. It's my land and I'll do any damned thing I want with it. Screw my neighbors both human and animal and plant.

Here's the deal. It's not your land, you're just basically renting some space here on earth. You aren't entitled to mow it down, poison it, rape it and then lay down your responsibilities when they lay you six feet under. No! You are the guardian of that land you are renting. You are responsible for any injuries you cause, because when you're cold and dead, the land still must function if the following generations are going to be able to enjoy its beauty and reap its bounty in the circle of life. Those who use the land entirely for their own personal benefit at the cost of the future are earth hogs.

Next, let's talk about trial lawyers. They wouldn't be talked about at all if it weren't for the greed of the US citizens. Many who wail and moan about lawsuits are first in line if they think they have some opportunity to get free money from someone else. Slip and fall in a store and they yell, get me a lawyer. If a neighbor's dog bites your kid when your kid is in the neighbor's yard, an all-points bulletin goes out for a trial lawyer. Greed is what drives frivolous lawsuits. Personal responsibility is so passé. Lazy opportunist are greedy. They want to take money from someone, no matter what, no matter the cost. I've seen this theory in action. For example, a friend was visiting and his child was acting up around our pool. The friend said nothing to the child, so finally I asked the little kid to stop monkeying around. The friend didn't seem to mind that I had admonished his child. "I said to my friend, I don't want him (the child) to fall and hurt himself." My friend remarked, "If he did fall and hurt himself, I would sue your ass off." I was dumbstruck by the comment. I said, "You would sue me?" He laughed and said, "I wouldn't be suing you. I would just be suing your insurance company. It wouldn't affect you." His logic was insane. Didn't he realize by suing me and my insurance company that he and all other insured would be picking up the tab in our insurance rates? My friend was giving the American example of greed without forethought. Greed steers many, many Americans when it comes to interaction with trial lawyers.

When did Americans begin to believe it was all about them? When did we become such pompous greedy hogs? What makes us believe we have no personal responsibility for what happens to our country? When did greed become a right instead of a sin? Don't talk to me about your moral values until you demonstrate that you have more than two. Don't talk to me about the right to life of a fetus as you spray poison in the air. Don't talk to me about what the bible says about homosexuals while you rob the pockets of your neighbors. Sure, you have the right to your beliefs but you also have a responsibility to the health and welfare of your fellow man and woman. Demonstrate to me that you are aware of what is going on in more places than your greedy, self-centered little world of ignorance and then maybe we can come to some sort of meeting of the minds. While we liberals from hell are trying to protect what is better not only for now but for future generations, you very well meaning conservatives are so busy being greedy with your moral values that you are blind to the hell you are creating for others. As you would force a mother to give birth to a child she is unable to care for, you won't notice that that child will be growing up in a poisoned atmosphere. As you protect the word "marriage" that you so righteously believe belongs only to heterosexuals, you will abuse the very earth we all must share. You are not morally superior. You are earth and financial hogs in angel costumes.

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