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Friday, November 19

Food For Thought

by Pissed Off Patricia

"The Politics of Victimization" by Mathew Gross
(thanks Uncle $cam for the link you left at the All Spin Zone)

And Mark Morford nails it again:
Monday Night Softcore
Who dares call into a TV network to complain about sex?
And can they be stopped?

"...Who are they who apparently have no problem having their gladiator-style violence interspersed with all manner of Barbie-doll cheerleaders who giggle and jiggle in a sea of Botox and silicon, but who cannot possibly tolerate the exposed shoulder blades of "Housewives" actress Nicollette Sheridan in a tame promo spot lest they clutch their hearts and call their senators in a seething colon-clenched fury?"

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