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Friday, November 19

Election Fraud Update

It's still being investigated. Not so much to change the results of the election, but it could. It's to be sure that the voice of the people actually counts. I'm sure you all know that military ballots were not counted. I for one, would have liked to know how the military voted. Wouldn't you? I find it interesting that not all votes are counted at all.

Isn't it strange though how exit polls are usually counted on to determine a winner long before many votes are counted, yet this time the exit polls were discounted in favor of electronic voting machines which have proven to be inaccurate and easily hacked? What did the media tell us? Oh yes, it told us that the exit polling had to be investigated, not the evoting machines.

It's also strange that Kerry just conceded, packed up and went away even though he had lawyers and money ready.

As it turns out One-Third of Bush Fund-Raisers Got Appointments. Others got to sleep at the White House. Remember when Clinton had fundraisers and contributors for a sleep over? oy. This time. Not a peep. Oh that liberal media. I hope they don't make a big deal out of that again.


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