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Monday, November 15

don't do anything, just stand there

Powell quits. How would anyone know he was there?

Remember the scene in Mars Attacks! when the Colon Powell like character phones his wife and says, "See I told you if I did nothing I would get to be in charge."

General Sanctimonious did not act in My Lai, other than to cover it up. (Why the hell didn't someone slap those Swift Boat Liars with My Lai? Does anyone remember Lt. Calley?) He did not tell Bush to Cheney himself, no, he would rather lie to the world and the U.N.

How many times did Powell's apologists say, well, he can't influence them if he isn't one of them. He had no influence and if he did he consciously did not use it.

Put it in a book, General. Get out of my face, get out the executive. Now I have to look at clips of you doing nothing for the next news cycle. You have done quite enough nothing for quite awhile.

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