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Tuesday, November 16


by pissed off patricia

Where is Super Man when we need him most?

Does anyone have his number because he needs to be here and help us. We need someone able to leap over tall buildings at a single bound and we sure as hell need someone faster than a speeding bullet.

I've never felt like this before. I want something magical to happen because I'm really and truly afraid of what may be about to happen. I don't see how we mortals have any way to stop it. Folks, we've been invaded by a force we never thought we would have to deal with, and if you're not afraid, good for you. Of course you have no idea of what is occurring, but good for you. Enjoy you stay in la-la land.

This second term is off to a frightening start. There hasn't even been a hint of anything toward the middle. Not only has the pendulum swung to the far right, it's being held hostage there. Now we have to wonder if it will ever swing back. Sure, its been over there before but this is now and it looks as though it's being held there pretty damned tight.

Basically our country is in the hands of Cheney and Rumsfeld. Now, doesn't that Super Man rescue sound a little more pressing? Yeah, I thought so. Two old white men who love the shit out of war. Two old white egos who don't give a damn about our future. Two old white men have your future in their hands and they are playing king of the hill. Two old white men in control of the most lethal weapons on earth. Two old white men who will lie as naturally as they breathe. Four more years is what some wanted and now they get that with a flourish. Let's see who, of which party, cries foul first.

If we had the ability to look ahead to see what things will be like in 2008, would we want to do that?

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