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Monday, November 15


by pissed off patricia

Who's Telling the Truth?

Will There Be Consequences?

Don't mind me, I'm just sitting here trying to determine what is the truth and what isn't. This may take a while.

Do I believe the words of Baghdad george and his PR buddies in Washington, or do I believe the words of the Iraqi people who are actually trying to continue to live and survive in their own country? Do I believe the Iraqis are crazy about us, or do I believe that they hate our guts for what is being done to them in our name?

I try to listen to both sides of any situation before drawing a conclusion. I don't want to be suckered in by anyone, so I try to listen and evaluate.

Here's where I am so far. When Baghdad george says things are coming along nicely in Iraq and the only ones there who want to kill our soldiers are thugs and such, I kind of doubt him. See, if we had truly liberated the Iraqis and they truly were overjoyed about this, I don't think you would have to bribe and pay them to get them to protect what is theirs. I think, out of loyalty to their country, they would take up arms and fight for their own. Hummm, maybe that's exactly what they're doing. Maybe all those we call insurgents, thugs, terrorists, or whatever, are men protecting their neighborhoods from what they see as American insurgents. As for terrorists, well looks to me like we have done to Iraq what was done to us. And, when it happened to us, we called those who did it terrorists.

We've invaded a country and killed thousands of that country's people. What happens if the Iraqis elect a new head of their country and this new leader makes the statement, you're either with us or you're with the Americans. What happens then? Would we have to re-liberate the Iraqis?


The announcement that Colin Powell grabbed a parachute came as no surprise this morning. The surprise is that he could stomach this administration as long as he did. I'm sure that there were no bush tears shed over this as Powell was probably considered by the rest of this administration ot be the Secretary of Obstruction.


Is the Geneva Convention out the window?
The way the attack on Fallujah has been conducted makes one thing crystal clear: the Geneva Convention has been overtly and specifically abandoned, not just in the treatment of prisoners, but also in the conduct of military assaults. Of course, the United States violates it in one way or another frequently and systematically violates the provisions of the more enlightened 1979 Additional Protocols (which it has never ratified), but in this case it is deliberately and systematically violating the basic core conventions themselves.

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