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Sunday, November 21

Bitchin' on Sunday

by pissed off patricia

Hey, Mind if I Publish Your Tax Returns for All the World to See?

"Tax Disclosure Buried in Spending Bill"

I watched this play out on C-Span last night and it was reality TV at it's best. Stevens was about to explode and implode all at the same time. It appeared that a little hanky panky was discovered hiding in the Omnibus spending bill and it was rooted out by the Dems. Oops! According to Stevens it was a misstep by some staffers. Oh really? Staffers are inserting items into something like the Omnibus spending bill and it takes Dems to find it? The House must have missed this one when they passed the bill earlier in the day. Did they miss it? Mighty interesting.

My football fan husband got so caught up in what was happening in the Senate that he watched the discussion instead of part of the Florida/Florida State game. See, it was that kind of interesting. Too bad the addition of the limitations on abortions and women's rights had not gotten the same attention. At least though, it got some serious attention.

"Anti-abortion provision tucked in spending bill"

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