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Monday, November 22

Bitchin' in the Afternoon

by pissed off patricia

The Three Billion Dollar Ass Kiss

If you saw the press conference that bush and the president of Colombia held today, you just shook your head and repeated to yourself one more time, this guy got four more years, why?

Seems over the past four years we have given Colombia over three billion dollars to help them fight the illegal drug marketers. Ergo the ass kissing speech made by Colombia's pres. He basically said that he had never kissed an ass sweeter than bush's. At least that's what I heard.

Bush proceeded to say, in so many words, yes my ass is just that fine. Then he rattled on and on about how well the Colombian pres. had worked to cut down drug traffic and whatever.

Then came the question and answer part with the reporters. One reporter asked bush if the US would continue to give Colombia as much money considering the US's national debt. Good question, I thought. Bush said he would convince congress to continue the giveaway. What I heard was bush saying that he had his mandate and he wasn't afraid to use it. He would get his attack dogs in Congress to bite the ass of any who didn't go along with his plans.

Then bush looked down at his list and called a reporter, realized he had called the wrong name and changed the name he called. Then he repeated both names and said, "What the hey (or heck or hell, you really couldn't tell) This reporter told the story of the big dinner in Chile being cut to only a precious few because the US demanded that all guests pass through a metal detector and then he told about the bush secret service guy being in the melee and how bush had pulled him from the fracas. The reporter asked bush why he thought there was so much animosity toward him in Chili. Bush replied, "You call that a question?" Then he sort of skipped over the question and began repeating what a good job the pres. of Colombia was doing at fighting illegal drug trafficking.

Then bush turned to the Colombian pres. as if to end the whole thing. The president of Colombia asked if he would like to take one more question and bush said, "No". Exit, stage right.

Bush hates questions like I hate hurricanes. No one mentioned that perhaps the illegal drug trafficking was down in Colombia because maybe, just perhaps, it's down because it's really picked up in Afghanistan. Yep, no one talked about that at all and I'm betting bush shut the curtains on the news conference because he was afraid it was coming.

So, just so as ya know, bush plans to send more big old bucks to Colombia because they have had such success transferring the illegal drug trade to Afghanistan. At least that's the way I heard it.

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