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Friday, November 12

Better Dead Than Red

Ohio's Secretary of State Ken Blackwell worked really hard to suppress the Democratic vote in Ohio. The liberal media is being very careful not to report any of this less it be seen as liberal. Bev Harris of, Keith Olberman of MSNBC and Randi Rhodes of Air America are the Woodward and Bernstein's of this post election outrage.

Selections from Better Dead Than Red:

6:23 am, Cleveland, Nov 2, 2004:
When the polls open, the line doesn't budge.
Four minutes pass. Then five. Then ten.
Voters start to fidget.
"What's taking so long?" someone finally asks.
The head poll worker looks up apologetically. "We've only got one pen," she explains.

6:51am, Cleveland, Nov 2, 2004:
"Are you sure you're at the right spot?"
"Yes," Heimburger says, laying her registration card on the table like a full house.
"Huh," the worker says, flipping through the book. "Well, we can't find your name, but what we can do is give you a provisional ballot."

9:30am, Akron, Nov 2, 2004:
He's voted at the same Akron precinct for 40 years, but because of precinct rezoning, he's been sent to Buchtel, where lines ringed the school and stretched into the street as early as 6 a.m. The polls opened 20 minutes late, with only four stations open. People say they've waited two hours. Some left because they couldn't be late for work.

1:30 p.m, Cleveland, Nov 2, 2004:
At the Addison branch of the Cleveland Public Library, the lines are so long that they loop through the building like skeins of tangled spaghetti. Of the 17 voting machines here, half don't work.

4:03 p.m, Cleveland, Nov 2,2004
"Are you making a movie about the election?" someone asks.
"The videotape exists as evidence," he says. "It's not to appear in your cineplex. It's to appear in a court of law!"
Michael Moore leads a stumbling charge into the school to capture the long lines, but blocking his path is Michael Vu, Cuyahoga County's election director. He looks like a little boy in a grown-up suit, plucked from a college civics course and thrust into the role of Evil Bureaucrat in Mr. Moore Goes to Cleveland .
I'm sorry, no cameras, Vu says.
But Moore is armed with a recent court ruling. "We're not letting anyone tell us that our camera can't go somewhere," he says.

Check out The Black Commentator: Reconstructing the Crime

Do you think it's possible that the chaos in Fallujah was orchestrated in order to take away from the stolen election?
Oh my, yes, and it's really hard to deal with this double whammy put forth by the fascists but 19 years ago today I finally delivered my beautiful, and way too large for the birth canal, baby boy after 4 days of labor. I can deal with this.

Happy Birthday, Will. Don't be discouraged. We'll fight a bit more before we move to Canada. Yes, these are interesting times indeed. Love, Mom

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