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Friday, November 12

And now for something completely different

My son is an avid videogame player. I am too. Well not that much lately. I have game cube and game boy advanced of my own. I bought my son a brand new video game experience for his birthday mostly because it looked like it'd be good exercise. And it is. It is like doing aerobics.

It's called eye toy. You stand in front of a camera that is on top of your tv and it's plugged into your Playstation. There are other games coming out for it too. You line up with the markers and then the game begins. You have to lean left and right, jump or duck, flail your arms around and keep on moving to make the character in the game know where to go or what to do. What an experience! It's like the future! I'm out of breath.

It seems like a great party game for adults and kids alike. But if you're worried that you or your kids aren't getting enough exercise, this is a great 30 minute fun and get your blood flowing type of amusement. Takes your mind off all the crap in the world for a while too.

Also coming soon is a surf board video game where you stand on a surfboard to control the character and there are shooting games where you use a gun, but we don't do guns in this house, a cordless steering wheel for a driving game, a bongo playing game with electronic bongos that control the game and also a drum playing game with sticks. Imagine this stuff? When I first got married, we had PONG hooked up to our TV. Everyone thought we were so fucking modern. heh.

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