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Sunday, November 21

Amputees Can Go Back To The Battlefield

With all this new fangled medical technology, troops who have lost body parts can be up and running in no time and rejoin their units in Iraq. If you lost an arm or a leg or both, you can be put back together and run away from bombs, climb rocks and walls, shoot guns, throw grenades, drive a tank into a residential Iraqi neighborhood and kill more people! It won't even hurt if your fake limb gets blown off a second time.

"If there's somebody who drove a tank, we can build a simulated vehicle and actually allow them to drive that,'' said Lt. Col. Paul Pasquina, medical director of Walter Reed's amputee program. ``We look at the controls and figure out how they can operate it with either an upper extremity prosthesis or lower extremity prosthesis.''
I just love this country!

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