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Saturday, November 13

all scott, all the time

Tanks greet protesters in L.A. Voting irregularities in Ohio and Florida. Ashcroft claiming that federal judges are undermining the war efforts by questioning Bush--

These stories are not on the mainstream news. It is all Scott, all the time.

Could any of these stories get the attention of Scott Peterson? I am sorry for the lives he stole and the ones left in his wake, but folks, it isn't news. It happens every goddamn day. The country is slipping into fascism and we are pretending to be interested in domestic violence. We really aren't interested in that, either because viewers are not informed of how common murdering pregnant women really is.

And the story is really about how good looking Scott is. How could someone that good looking be a murderer? Why doesn't the media report on the mail he gets from women who think they are in love with him? Why don't we talk about the murder of non white, affluent, not as pretty as Laci women who are murdered every day by their less than hunky husbands?

Use to get user names and passwords for some articles.

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