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Wednesday, November 17

ACTIVISM: Nagging Election Questions Linger

Florida's 8.2-percent spread -- between the early exits and the results -- is more than double the standard error rate. In Ohio, the spread is 6.5 percent. UPI

In Ohio: An analysis of the Franklin County Board of Elections allocation of machines reveals a consistent pattern of providing fewer machines to the Democratic city of Columbus, with its Democratic mayor and uniformly Democratic city council, despite increased voter registration in the city. The result was an obvious disparity in machine allocations compared to the primarily Republican white affluent suburbs.

Tom Paine: Across Ohio's minority-rich cities, there were fewer voting machines than during past elections, including March's presidential primary. As the number of voters grew by as much as 50 percent in some precincts, according to pro-Kerry field organizers, the number of voting machines on Election Day shrank by a third. Precincts that usually had five machines only had three. asks for your help in Ohio by making a phone call, sending an Email or Fax requesting that GOP shill Blackman recuse himself from any participation in investigating voting fraud. Sounds like common sense to me.

Alliance for Democracy has launched Ohio Honest Elections Campaign.

Randi Rhodes is calling for everyone to email F. James Sensenbrenner, the chairman of the house judiciary committee. He has the power to subpoena the black boxes that hold the votes in the counties in Florida that have all those suspicious votes for Bush and all used optical scanners. These can be read and verified by a human being. Glenda Hood is the only other person that can do this, and she is never gonna do it.

Dear Chairman Sensenbrenner:

I am writing to request that as head of the judiciary committee you subpoena some black boxes that contain votes from the 47 Florida counties that have suspicious tallies.

One would be asked to believe that 100% of Republicans, 50% of Democrats, and 100% of Independents all voted for President Bush, despite exit polls to the contrary. To further arouse suspicion, all these counties used the same optical scanner system.

Perhaps if you would subpoena and examine the votes in some of these counties, you could put to rest the doubts and suspicions that many Americans harbor about the election. This would serve our country, our democracy, and help heal our great national divide.


[your name]

Working for Change
would like your participation: Contact your representatives and ask them for help. And yes, election day should be a National Holiday. This request by 2 former presidents has been ignored.

You know the drill. Visit for updates. Ohio needs volunteers. And check out

Thank you, my fellow Americans!

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