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Friday, October 22

A Very Special Day

Today marks the anniversary of one of the best decisions I ever made!
One year ago today, I received the following email. At that time I was writing op-ed pieces for another website.

"I'm 80 years old and a doctrinaire liberal who has never voted for a Republican for an important office and never will. I have also read just about everybody and heard just about every argument.

I am writing to say that you, while correct in almost everything you say, are always correct at the top of your voice. An occasional modulation would make your words more convincing. See Paul Krugman, E. J. Dionne, and Molly Ivins among others.

In conclusion, I wouldn't bother writing this if I didn't think you had something to say. I also believe that you have the talent necessary to say it more calmly and convincingly."

I'll tell you the sender's name in a minute. First I have to tell you that, the person who sent that email has become one of the most precious and wonderful friends I have never truly met. When I received the message I came very close to simply deleting it and moving on. For some reason though, I didn't delete it and instead I wrote back to the sender thanking them for the constructive criticism. I have no doubt that responding to that email was one of the best decisions of my life.

This person and I began to exchange emails on a regular basis. A magical friendship grew. He has taught me more about music and literature than I could have ever imagined. Last Christmas we exchanged gifts. He burned some wonderful cd's for me. These cd's were full of beautiful classic music, jazz, blues, vocals, you name it. I sent him a seashell since we had both expressed our deep love for the beach and the ocean.

This past year we have laughed and cried together via email. I have turned to him for advice more than once and he's never steered me wrong. I often refer to him as my fairy godfather because my own father wasn't much of a father and the only grandfather I ever knew wasn't much of a grandfather. As of one year ago today, I finally have a gentleman in my life who can share the wisdom of experience with me. I have come to admire this gentleman more than I can tell you. Many of you have read his comments at this site.

Happy One-Year-Friendship Anniversary, Mr. Richard Elliott. (she said smiling)
I am thinking about how much this year has meant to me and how much you have enriched my life. As I said, we have laughed and cried together but the laughs were more fun and the tears were less frequent because we shared them as friends. How could I ever thank you for being there for me when I needed wisdom and advice. Your shoulder was so comfortable to lean on. You know that I would truly be lost without you. You have added such beauty to my life. Thank you for sharing so very much with me.

Until next year when we celebrate our second friendship anniversary, I will continue to send you my love and my admiration via this wonderful world of cyberspace.


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