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Wednesday, October 27

Ranting about morality

By Blondesense

What is morality?

Some people seem to think that morality is owned by the "right". This couldn't be further from the truth. The right is confused about what morality is and what the bible says about morality. Sexual morality is a teeny tiny part of morality. In the big picture of life, how we treat others defines our morality. How we treat the poor and disenfranchised is the most important and most often referred to virtue in the "right's" bible.

Jesus didn't say, "When I was hungry, you took away women's rights; when I was thirsty, you persecuted homosexuals; when I was homeless, you embarked on a crusade against brown skinned people; when I was sick, you ripped off senior citizens."

Today's activity for right wingers: Cut out all the references to the poor from your bible and you can stash your handgun in there.

What is so moral about the right these days?

Opposition to raise minimum wage? no
Restricting women's reproductive rights? no
Systematic undermining of minorities via voting, schools, prisons? no
Turning a blind eye to the atrocities in prisons? no
Laughing off the atrocities at Abu Ghraib as silly college pranks? no
Not funding the No Child Left Behind Act? no
Opposition to affordable housing? no
Tax cuts for the very wealthy? no
Top 1% have more wealth than rest of country? no
Opposing affordable healthcare for all? no
Undermining homosexuals at all costs? no
A kill the opposition or throw them in jail mentality? no
Turning a willfully blind eye to the atrocities committed by our countrymen in the middle east? no
There are more, you add them.

The ironic thing is that the right will tell the moderates and the left that we cannot expect the government to help poor people because it would cost too much. An unjust war in Iraq is ok? 225 billion dollars to kill brown skinned people for oil is ok? And corporate welfare isn't costing us anything? 43 billion dollars in tax cuts. People are losing good jobs to India and getting new jobs at Burger King. The corporations are doing just great and the rich are benefiting.

Is it moral to just sit back while the poor are refused relief? Is that what Jesus would have wanted? Can the right sleep at night knowing that so many American children go to bed hungry? How can these children concentrate in school on an empty stomach? How will they rise out of their poverty if they are too hungry to pay attention at school? Instead of trying to lift the poor out of oppression, they build more prisons for them.

"Oh you're just a socialist" they like to say. So? So the hell what! Who said socialism is bad? Any Christian theologian would tell you that Jesus was a socialist, liberal Jew. The right doesn't study the bible. They pick and choose verses that seemingly back up their warped beliefs. They do not take bible verses in context. They use it like a quote generator. They use it to oppress and hurt others.

Why do a vocal minority of people in this country oppose homosexuality? Guilt, baby. Guilt. They are gay themselves and refuse to deal with it. They falsely believed that the bible condemns homosexuality and chose to live a life in the closet. They want to break free but are too sexually repressed, hung up or just plain embarrassed. They are bitter people who are unhappy with their own lives and feel better when they hurt those who are brave enough to accept who they are.

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