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Wednesday, October 27


by pissed off patricia

I see that Zell Miller is along for the ride today as bush does his campaign monologue.  Why?  Does the bush campaign really want to remind voters of the insanity in their party?  I mean, come on.   Is the face of Zell Miller and the memories of his insanity during and after his speech at the Republican convention, something you would want in the back ground as you tried to convince the public that your decisions during the last four years were based on sound judgment?  The person who made the decision to go to the asylum and spring old Zell for a campaign appearance really should be fired.  Talk about the fear factor.

Why does Lynn Cheney always appear with Dick?  She is seen sitting on a stool behind him at almost every one of his appearances.  Maybe they think that seeing her eases the pain of seeing Dick.  It doesn't work for me.  She is sort of like the Ed McMahon to Dick's Johnny Carson or the Charles McCord to Dick's Don Imus.  The ass kissing sidekick who laughs at all the right times whether or not the jokes are funny.  The ever-present person who nods in agreement no matter how ridiculous the last statement might have been.  The built in cheerleader to the big guy.  I guess because of Dick’s persistent dour expression, they need someone to let you know when he's attempting to be funny.  Sad thing is, Dick isn't funny.  He's  mocking Senator Kerry and being evilly sarcastic, because his administration has squat to brag about.  He reminds me of a fiend who sits drooling, rubbing his hands together and licking his chops, before munching on some poor unsuspecting victim. 

Then finally, we have bush with that funky hand gesture.  You know the one.  The one where he acts like he's trying to slam something down on the podium.  He does it when he makes one of his almost coherent declarations, such as he has made us safer, or he will not change course no matter what.  He slams his hand down as though he is hammering the fact into the heads of his audience.  It's sort of a  “here's what I'm telling you, don't argue with me” slam down hand and case closed.  Notice also that he seems to smile at the most peculiar and inappropriate times during his speech.  What's that all about? 

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