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Wednesday, October 20

NYC Students Get Lucky

Read article Students Binge on Sex

Among New York City High schoolers it is found that
48% have had sex.
17% have had 4 or more partners
24% did not use a condom or birth control the last time they had sex.

Condoms are available at NYC schools, but students have to ask for them. They are not distributed. No demonstrations of how to properly use a condom are being conducted since the NYC Board of Ed was told that sex ed may encourage more sexual activity.


There are 180 Catholic Bishops in the U.S. who have NOT declared that Kerry supporters may not receive communion. We have only heard from a very few. The corporate media that supports bush has chosen to only report those who favor the president. CNN and that ilk will still be reporting this as if it were a controversy. It is not, but the bush fascist spin machine will be sure to keep American catholics believing it's a sin to vote for Kerry.

"The Roman Catholic Church's official news service quoted an unnamed Vatican official on Tuesday as saying John Kerry was "not a heretic" for his stance on abortion rights.... Mr. Kerry was not about to be excommunicated because "you can incur excommunication" automatically "only if you procure or perform an abortion." NY Times

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