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Saturday, October 30

New Voters in NY: success story

The last day to sign up to vote was October 9th. My son mailed his registration form on October 9th and we kept our fingers crossed. Since then my son has received 2 voter cards with the complete instructions on where to go on election day. He also received a big color postcard from our county executive with a picture of what the polling machines look like and a welcome letter that says, "Congratulations on registering to vote. " Now, The Power Of This Machine Is In Your Hands.

There was no nasty or intimidating mail sent to any of us. I'm pretty impressed with the (police) State of NY when it comes to voting. When they say NY's a democratic state, it means it's a democratic state.

It's going to be fun to be there when my son votes for the first time. Should I bring the camera or is that too tacky? He missed voting last year because his 18th birthday was just a few days later. He usually accompanied me when I voted over the years because they have a bake sale at the school where we vote. He was raised to understand the importance of being involved in elections and buying cookies to support the local school.

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