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Thursday, October 28

My Question and Your Answers

by pissed off patricia

Whew, I thought maybe my little mental train had jumped the track. Thank goodness I was wrong.

When I asked the other day which you feared most, another attack in the US or four more years of bush, I was being a bit selfish. I had beat myself up about this question. I had asked myself the same question and my answer agreed pretty much with yours. Four more years of bush was my biggest concern.

Sometimes when I hear that over fifty percent of the country is on the opposite side of an issue than I am, I take a timeout to analyze my own feelings. I ask myself why I seem to be out of the flock on the issue. I try to keep myself in check, because with all that's happening I want to make sure I'm not getting so wrapped up in my own account of things that I blind myself to reality. It's sort of like removing my glasses and cleaning them to be sure I am seeing the picture clearly.

There is so much negative activity in our world today that at times you have to question, because you can't and don't want to believe what you're hearing. We have the voting wars of today right here at our doorstep. Americans are questioning Americans about the legitimacy of our most prized part of democracy. Americans are trying to take away one another's right to vote. Think about it. How in the world did it come to this?

In one of the polls, the majority of Americans did not believe the election will be legitimate. Yet we are encouraging Iraqis to adopt our form of democracy. Sounds to me like we need to do some work at home before we dictate how others will run their country.

I have a theory about why the Republicans seem to be on such a nasty streak. They are following their leader. They have seen bush lie time and again and he never is required to atone for his lies. Somehow his lies seem to be acceptable because of his declared religious ordainment. Seems if you lie about your reasons for doing something, these lies are of no consequence as long as you achieve the outcome you desire. That's exactly what has been happening. He lied about his reasons for invading Iraq, but now those lies are acceptable because Saddam is in a jail somewhere. The Republicans are lying and cheating and they believe their lies are acceptable if they can accomplish a second term for bush. Bush has demonstrated that in his newly created America this sort of approach is completely acceptable when trying to attain your goal. The end justifies the means and there are no rules regarding the means.

That's what makes a second term for bush so frightening to me. During these last four years the rules have changed and there may be "no turning back". Many of us cling to the belief that one must be held accountable for their mistakes and surely for their lies. We are of the attitude that a leader should be accountable to the citizens he leads. Wasn't that the way we grew up? Weren't we taught that in order to be a good person you kept your nose clean, you had to accept responsibility for your own actions, and you must at all times be considerate of those around you? Now we have a group of people leading our country and trashing everything we believe to be the positive backbone or our society. No wonder we're frightened by four more years of bush. We are frightened that bush and his supporters have lost their heart, their conscience, and most fearfully, their respect and consideration for the truth. When the value of truth has been discarded, what is left? When lies are conveniently relegated to simple justification, we can see the darkness of the future and that is surely frightening.

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