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Thursday, October 21

Kerry on a wild goose chase?

What's wrong with CNN? They are whining on and on about John Kerry who went hunting today. They said he is pretending that he won't take away gun rights. If John Kerry is really a hunter, I can't imagine that he would try to stifle hunting. Canada geese are a nuisance. As much as I thinking hunting in this day and age is ridiculous, if hunters rid us of pests, I don't mind that much. Ohh what a horrible thing for me to say. I must not be a liberal at all.

And here is Cheney regarding the hunting trip (and cheney is pissed cause he would rather go out and shoot birds than go to rallies):
Cheney said Kerry's new camouflage jacket was "an October disguise - an effort he's making to hide the fact that he votes against gun owner rights at every turn."
Kerry is not against gun owner rights. He is for the assault weapons ban. Bush said he was for the assault weapons ban too. Who uses assault weapons to go hunting? Who needs an assault weapon for self defense? Kerry's voting recond on gun rights was not against people owning guns. He just wanted assault weapons off the streets and a waiting period for new gun owners. I don't have a problem with that at all. What the hell is the matter with cheney?

"My fellow sportsmen, this cover-up isn't going to work," Cheney said, speaking to supporters in a well-to-do Toledo suburb that borders the Ohio-Michigan state line. "The Second Amendment is more than just a photo opportunity."
WTF? But didn't cheney go faux hunting birds last year with scalia? Wouldn't real hunters be insulted that cheney considers himself a hunter?
Kerry has denied claims that he wants to "take away" guns.
Cheney pointed out that Kerry bought a new jacket for the hunting trip in Youngstown.
"Which did make me wonder how regularly he does go goose hunting," the vice president said with a smirk.
Boy is he grasping at straws. That was the best slam, he could come up with? Maybe Kerry didn't have his fucking hunting jacket with him. And so what if he never went goose hunting before?

And why the hell is this crap making the news?
There has got to be a new law made, and I am not really a person who likes a lot of laws, but we need a new law. The new law is this:
Candidates for the highest office in our country are not allowed to lie about their opponent, nor are they allowed to mislead or exaggerate. Candidates must stick to what they will do , what they have done and stick with facts. Period.

If a company wants to market and advertise a product, there are laws in place that say that the advertising must not be misleading. They are called to task for misleading the public about their product. They have ethics in advertising! How come presidential candidates are not called to task or just simply outlawed from misleading about what they have done or what their opponents have done?

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