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Monday, October 25

just when you were sure no one cared

Watch this powerful video clip from Representative Tim Ryan from Ohio at the League of Pissed Off Voters

Part of the plan to crush our spirit and break our will is to isolate and marginalize liberals. It is part of the plan that we believe the propaganda that liberalism is dead. There is this notion in the wind that we have no credibility if we question Bush and his authority. What authority?

ABC News Sunday night reported that there is a possibility that hanging chads could happen again in Florida and Ohio. That's right. Blame the voter. Don't discuss how the voting apparatus failed. How that was part of the plan to steal Florida. Make sure the voter cannot punch through the chad so the ballot doesn't get counted. The elections officials didn't have the apparatus cleaned so that voters could properly punch holes on the punch card ballot.

They can't quite bring themselves to tell us the truth.

Use to get user names and passwords for some articles.

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