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Monday, October 18

Just reminiscing today

This is the part of the show where I show my bleeding heart liberal side. It's actually not a whole side (and there is not much of it) but I it was 3 years ago this month that the US began bombing Afghanistan in retaliation for 9/11. Around that time, we were fed lots of stories about how oppressed the Afghani women and children were and our hearts went out to them. We were told that they were taken over by an evil Taliban regime. Of course they left out the part where the US was actually on their side several months earlier.

The people in Afghanistan were very poor and in bad shape from years of being under attack by Russia and the media did a great job of us understand why Afghanistan needed to be liberated from the evil war lords who were best buds with the 911 mastermind, Osama BinLaden. Sure I felt that they needed to be liberated. But how? Was this a good time to be worried about that? I was still shaking in my shoes here in NY, breathing WTC toxins and watching out for crop dusters filled with anthrax, I might add.

In my mind, carpet bombing a country wasn't exactly a solution.. I thought that judicial means would have been a fine place to start. I never thought of the US as a vengeful sort of country. I always thought of us as a sort of icon of justice. Boy was I brainwashed. To me, justice is not revenge. I wasn't raised to believe that. I was taught that god dispenses the 'ultimate justice', not men. So what on earth was all this talk about 'crusades' and 'operation infinite justice' I was seeing on Fox news? I was getting really alarmed. I thought the government had gone totally old world catholic. Did I mention that I became an atheist since October 2001? I did and yet amazingly I still have more compassion for others than those who follow Jesus professionally. But I digress.

I remember bush trying to convince blair and others that we needed to form a coalition to go in there and get OBL. I also remember thinking that there was no evidence or proof much like the nonsense about the Iraq war. I never saw any proof of WMDs. That really bugged me. We kind of hoped that the government knew stuff that they couldn't say on our tv cause the bad guys might be watching. I remember reports that the Taliban wouldn't hand bin Laden over to the US unless the US gave them evidence that OBL was behind the attacks. The US position was that they didn't have to give no stinking proof.

In newspapers however, there were stories that in fact the Taliban did finally agree to hand over OBL but on the television news, which most Americans were glued to at the time, that story was barely if ever touched upon. The US insisted that the Taliban would not hand over OBL contrary to newspaper reports that the Taliban didn't want to take sides with whomever bombed the WTC. The US became friendly with Pakistan all of a sudden and yet musharoff wouldn't do anything to hand over OBL because he couldn't guarantee his safety. WTF? remember that?

So bush told us all that the taliban wouldn't hand over OBL, that they rejected all forms of peaceful cooperation and there was no alternative than to use force. That was the US version. So the bombing started

Remember when you couldn't tell the difference between the before and after pictures of a bombing in Kabul? Wasn't that bizarre? They were bombing rubble. strange. You mean to tell me that we have no uncover spies and stuff like that? Nope. We don't even have spies who know all those languages of the people who have been plotting for decades to attack us. Amazing! What was the defense department doing all these years? The CIA? drug running?

I remember the exact day they began bombing and that was the weekend that I spent in bed in the fetal position praying to god for forgiveness. Mind you, less than a month earlier after we were attacked here in NY, I wanted people tortured but that was the shock and fear talking and I quickly got over it. Not that I exactly forgave the bastards who did it, but I wanted to know why and how it happened and what could be done to stop it from happening again. For me, war is always a last resort and I feel it should be a defensive thing. But I'm a girl, so what do I know, right?

So 3 years later, in some parts of Afghanistan, things are worse than before, yet they did sort of have democratic elections last week. The place is still a hell hole and bombed to pieces. There are stories of terrible things happening to Afghani's by the coalition troops, mostly ours. The europeans don't want to be under the command of the US anymore. The drug trade is up and running, thousands of people are left homeless, fatherless, motherless, childless... and the blood is on bush's hands. And where is the proof that this war in Afghanistan was needed? Infinite justice, indeed. feh.

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