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Friday, October 22

Is he gay?

An astute reader sent me a link to a village voice article today showing a very compassionate side of bush.. maybe a bit too compassionate...
He [preznit] said, 'If it's OK with you, we'll take care of the prayer right now. Would you pray with me?' I told him yes, and he turned to the staff that remained in the office and hand-motioned the folks to step back or leave. He said, 'Bruce and I would like some private time for a prayer.'

"As they left, he turned back to me and took my hands in his. I was prepared to do a traditional prayer stance, standing with each other with heads bowed. Instead, he reached for my head with his right hand and, pulling gently forward, he placed my head on his shoulder.
...With his left arm on my midback, he pulled me to him in a prayerful embrace. He started to pray softly. I started to cry... My body shook a bit as I cried, and he just held tighter. "
This made me wince (oh and the reader sent a link to a picture of this handsome man bush was hugging) and then it made me think of an article from January where bush met a man named Scott in Canada and compared him to Scott McClellan:
"Well, you got a pretty face," he told the surprised Mr. Reid. He wasn't done. "You got a pretty face," he said again. "You're a good-looking guy. Better looking than my Scott anyway."
Betty Bowers claims bush uses the word fabulous too much for a man.

I dunno. How about some homosexuals pipe in here and give your opinion on this.

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