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Monday, October 18

I'm Coming Elizabeth. It's the big one!

Oh wait, that's what the last guy I slept with told me. Never mind that title.

Here's the real title:
"We'd Rather See You Starving and Pregnant than for you to Use a Condom", Say Catholic Bishops

I saw a link to disturbing article at Jesus' General and I was just appalled at the Catholic Bishops again. Their logic defies rationality. This time Lancaster PA Catholics have boycotted an annual walk for hunger because there is a chance that perhaps maybe in some way that some of the money raised might go towards birth control. Perish the thought.
"Many Catholics in the area bowed out of the walk last year after the late Bishop Nicholas C. Dattilo had urged members of the Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg not to take part in the walk because some of the funds support family planning or the distribution of condoms, such as a program in Africa that fights the spread of AIDS," says the article in Lancaster Online.

The Catholic Bishops are hurting the Church (the "Church" in Catholic teaching means the people, not the he-man, women haters, hierarchy or the building). I thought that those days were over, but I suppose when the bishops saw how much attention the fundie churches were getting from the preznit, that they decided to jump on the hate-your-neighbor bandwagon and go back in time 50 years.

In 1964, the second vatican council brought the church almost to the 20th century. What a great number of magnificent strides they took by declaring that non-catholics may not in fact all be deemed to the fires of hell. It saved me a lot of worrying about my best friend whose dad was a Lutheran pastor. I used to try to explain to her that she better switch to catholic so we could play in heaven some day. But she told me that since her dad was married to her mommy that he couldn't be a catholic priest. Do you non catholics see the type of brainwashing we were subject to as mere children? Do you realize how frightening it was to go to school and have the nuns tell you that everyone except catholics were going straight to hell?

Vatican II was a breath of fresh air and lots of changes happened at the catholic institution. After the sainted, but highly frowned upon by conservative clergy, Pope John XXIII passed away, then we had Pope John Paul who suddenly died under mysterious circumstances, and then we got good old, out of touch with reality, Pope John Paul II who effectively has brought the Church back to the middle ages. His minions, the Bishops, are doing a fine job of fucking up the world, thank you very much.

I'll be working on a new holy card this evening.

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