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Thursday, October 28

"I hope I am not responsible for Armageddon"

Eyewitness to a failure in Iraq
By Peter W. Galbraith
Excerpt from Boston Globe

On April 16, 2003, a mob attacked and looted the Iraqi equivalent of the Centers for Disease Control, taking live HIV and black fever virus among other potentially lethal materials. US troops were stationed across the street but did not intervene because they didn't know the building was important.

When he found out, the young American lieutenant was devastated. He shook his head and said, "I hope I am not responsible for Armageddon." About the same time, looters entered the warehouses at Iraq's sprawling nuclear facilities at Tuwaitha on Baghdad's outskirts. They took barrels of yellowcake (raw uranium), apparently dumping the uranium and using the barrels to hold water. US troops were at Tuwaitha but did not interfere.

You were only doing what your commanders ordered you to do, soldier. Nothing. But thanks for caring.

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