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Tuesday, October 26

Grandmother asks Cheney about Iraq reports that Cheney may have a tiny bit of heart left because this 62 year old grandmother in a wheelchair whose grandson was killed in Iraq, was not kicked out of the Bush-Cheney rally. You decide:
Hobbs asked Cheney, "Is there anybody who knows a time limit" for pulling out of Iraq? "I have four over there. ... I had one killed. ... I'd like a little peace."

Given to understatement, the vice president calmly replied: "I appreciate very much obviously the sacrifice they made. ... If you put an artificial date on it, what with the terrorists just waiting until that day arrives, Americans withdraw, and then they'll reinsert themselves, that's not acceptable."

"I appreciate very much obviously the sacrifice they made." Wow what a show of emotion. What a man! God bless america, land that I love... etc etc

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