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Friday, October 29

From my local paper

I forgot to post this excerpt yesterday:
This Bush problem stems from cells
By Jimmy Breslin

...And of her stem cells, Kathy Kenny announced, "Anybody with half a brain knows this is the future."

She meant that the one without half a brain is George Bush. Somewhere out there on Tuesday night, and then last night and as he will be on all the nights left before this election, George Bush was in his shirtsleeves to look like a working man and he flailed and whined and lied and lied. They are missing 400 tons of major explosives? What 400 tons? He is an embarrassment to the country. He cried out against stem cells because he said they are sinful. You are taking a life to perhaps save a life, he says. He sees armies of women having babies and then chopping them up like chickens for the stem cells. He is opposed to embryonic stem cells, which come from a fetus that has been fertilized in vitro. His wife says the stem cells couldn't save her father from Alzheimer's, which means nobody should have them. They get their views from a Dust-Bowl Bible left by Elmer Gantry. Fifty years from now, people will look back on this year in America and be amazed that the country was run by an obvious nitwit.

My friend and handyman who is helping me create my Tiki computer room told me that his brother and wife had their baby's placenta donated to a registry just after he was born. For stem cells! So who exactly is dying for stem cells?

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