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Thursday, October 21

Election Theft

"The Kerry campaign has recount office space in every battleground state, with plans so detailed they include the number of staplers and coffee machines needed to mount legal challenges."
And we thought that the dems were incapable of fighting back.

Kerry isn't taking any rethuglican bullshit this time.

UPDATE: Good articles on how the fascists are trying to steal the election:
  1. New investigation uncovers more racism, voter intimidation and faulty poll machines -Sunday Herald
  2. The Art of Stealing Elections -Boston Globe
  3. New Report Shows Millions of Eligible Voters May Be Turned Away on Election Day -Common Dreams
  4. Republicans Fail in Bid to Move 63 Mostly Black Polling Places -Philadelphia Inquirer
  5. Republicans Asks Alabama Resident to Vote in Florida -Alabama Register

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