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Friday, October 22

Dog Poo

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog visits the after debate spin room and really gives us all the poop. heh. View the video here.

Here are some excerpts:

Triumph asks: "You have no shame... Here's what I want to know. What if the president took a dump on the stage tonight, how would you spin it?"
Answer: It would be hard to spin
Triumph: Oh you could do it. You'd say that the president looked very comfortable up there.

Triumph to another spinner: Can you spin a woman into thinking that you don't look gross in the shower?

Triumph to Greta Van Susteren: Can I get Bill O'Reilly's cell phone number? C'mon I'll bring the vibrator.

And to some other woman: A lot of people think he should appeal more to women because he's a douche. [bush] ....Have a safe trip back to Stepford.

To Karl Rove: You're bush's brains, KKKarl. I was expecting a much smaller man.

To Ralph Reed.: I don't take questions from dogs.
Triumph: Oh you'll take it bitch.
If you are against gay rights, you ought to take that pole out of your ass!

Some other guy to Triumph: You're insulting me and you got a hand up your butt.
Triumph: And you don't?

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