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Monday, October 18

The Curse of The Bambino

Over at, I found a page of Top Ten Curse Reversers that were tried to reverse Boston's bad luck. Here's one:
Los Angeles-based “Spiritual Psychopharmacologist” Kirpal concocted a curse-reverser that included placing live clams in a black cauldron, then drawing a bath with Dragon’s Blood Foaming Bath and Samuel Adams beer, a Boston favorite, in it. Uttering, “I invoke this in the names of Ted Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, Bobby Doerr, Cy Young, Wade Boggs and Carlton Fisk. And so it is. And so it shall be," she declared the curse reversed.
The Red Sox are fighting fighting fighting. These games are so long, I am missing out on life by being glued to the tv set. I like both the Yankees and the Red Sox. I'll root for whichever team makes the series. The Yankees vs Red Sox here in the Northeast is like a religious experience.

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