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Tuesday, October 19

BushWar is Hell

This war in America between the Bush supporters and Kerry supporters is tied according to the NY Times. I would surmise that unless you are a wealthy, white, religious, kinky, homophobic male and support bush that you need more information.

For all the war supporters out there. I don't know how much more proof you need that the war in Iraq was poorly planned. This reflects poorly on the commander in chief. Knight Ridder today explains how the exit strategy was non existant at the time the war was being promoted. This is not good. According to three senior military officers, Central Command wanted 348,000 troops to attack and occupy the country. Rumsfeld offered 40,000.
Near the end of his presentation, an Army lieutenant colonel who was giving a briefing showed a slide describing the Pentagon's plans for rebuilding Iraq after the war, known in the planners' parlance as Phase 4-C. He was uncomfortable with his material - and for good reason.

The slide said: "To Be Provided."
If you are a parent of a teenager and support bush, are you willing to sacrifice your child for a draft in May of 2005? Are you really? Are you absolutely sure that this war is the right war? Sure, it's easy to support a war when all you have to do is hear about how great it's going and you don't even have to watch it on tv. Paul Krugman wants you to know that a draft is inevitable if bush continues with his 'crusade' mentality.
It's exactly the same when it comes to the draft. Mr. Bush's claim that we don't need any expansion in our military is patently unrealistic; it ignores the severe stress our Army is already under. And the experience in Iraq shows that pursuing his broader foreign policy doctrine - the "Bush doctrine" of pre-emptive war - would require much larger military forces than we now have.
When I was listening to Air America this morning, they were wondering what is wrong with the president besides the obvious... how about that bulge under his jacket? why was his face drooping in the last debate? why is he speech getting worse and worse? why does he fall down and go boom? I wonder how many times he fell that weren't recorded by the press. this is not the man who debated Ann Richards in 1994. Do you think bush is wearing a portable defibrillator? Do you feel safe knowing that Dick Cheney is a heartbeat away from being the president?

From Americablog, let's find out more about that bill that Kerry voted for and then voted against: Bush threatened to DENY BODY ARMOR TO OUR TROOPS simply because he disagreed with some arcane loan mechanism in the bill - see for yourself, from the administration's own letter threatening the veto:
[T]he Administration strongly opposes the Senate provision that would convert a portion of this assistance to a loan mechanism. If this provision is not removed, the President's senior advisors would recommend that he veto the bill .
So Bush threatened to veto the same bill he's now criticizing Kerry for not supporting.

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