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Thursday, October 28

bushmanipulations on memory lane

Amazingly CNN covered a story about a Bush ad that was manipulated. It really wasn't all that serious because I do photo manipulation and can do it to videos too. Sometimes you have to fix things up if you don't have the right footage. The story broke at DailyKos. The ad, ironically said, "Whatever it takes". heh.

This reminded me of other manipulations used by this administration. Remember the staged toppling of the Saddam Statue in Iraq? Ah those were the days. In case you don't remember, you can see it here and here where you don't see an awful lot of people gathered around to topple the statue do you? Not when you get to see a long shot. And here is more media manipulation and then here's an eyewitnesss report of the staged photo op with "rent-a-crowd". And let's not forget about the photoshopped picture of the crowd here. ooh that was a big story.

It also reminded me of the day that Preznit Codpiece landed on the aircraft carrier and the aircraft carrier had to be turned around so that the viewers wouldn't see San Diego in the background. (they were right off the coast of California that day. bush could have rowed a boat to the aircraft carrier but bush's handlers thought it would be cooler if it looked like he had to fly a fighter plane out to the middle of the ocean somewhere to meet up with the guys) We all remember the Mission Accomplished fiasco after that.

It also reminded me of last Thanksgiving where I was almost fooled into believing that bush did a pretty cool thing. The top secret trip to Baghdad. It was the great turkey tour. But alas, it was a photo-op turkey. Soldiers were turned away from the event as only pre-selected soldiers were allowed in. The weirdest part was when the story emerged that bush's plane was spotted by a British Airways Flight and souvenirs were made with the words, "Did I just see Air force one?" before bush's plane even landed back in Texas but then that British airways story was debunked because British Airways denied the whole thing and then the bushcrimefamily decided it was best to stop pushing that story. Well the whole thanksgiving was a photo-op. He was probably just jealous that Hillary was going to be there.

Well I just took a trip down memory hole lane with my bookmarks folder on the old trusty browser. What other staged and manipulated photo-ops were there? 9-11? What else?

Use to get user names and passwords for some articles.

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