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Tuesday, October 26

bush supporters still living in la la land

It blows my mind to see how ill informed bush supporters are in contrast to Kerry supporters. According to PIPA, 72% of bush supporters still believe there were WMDs in Iraq and 75% believe that Iraq was supporting al Qaida. Is this willful ignorance or are bush supporters just naive?

Here comes the really strange part and this is the part where the media and John Kerry didn't do their jobs: Asked whether the US should have gone to war with Iraq if US intelligence had concluded that Iraq was not making WMD or providing support to al Qaeda, 58% of Bush supporters said the US should not have, and 61% assume that in this case the President would not have.

I've actually met bush supporters who were college educated and seemingly bright and competant. So what gives? I still come across Long Island rednecks who actually argue with me about verifiable facts regarding the war in Iraq. What is to argue? Facts are facts. My own inlaws in New Hampshire who are college educated, both veterans of WWII and they actually read the newspapers are still supporting bush. They still believe there were WMDs in Iraq! They are in their 80's and sharp as tacks, except when it comes to bush. I found out that they listen to bush and cheney speeches as well as conservative talk radio. We need a news filter, ladies and gentleman.

So basically bush supporters are lied to and they believe it. Why shouldn't they? Many of them, like my inlaws fought against fascism in WWII and they believe that this country is the greatest so it's inconceivable that they would be lied to or deliberately mislead by radio talk show hosts or their very own president and veep. I was raised to believe that this was the greatest, most honest country in the world. I can still hear my father admonishing me whenever I suggested that something was not right with America.

Some think I took glee in discovering that we were fed more propaganda than the Russians. I absolutely did not enjoy that revelation. I was so freaked out that I was that I went back to my shrink in the summer of 2003 after months of trying to get people to listen to me. He medicated the hell out of me. I didn't change my position, but I was much calmer. He thought I was making stuff up (and I shouldn't tell anyone what I was thinking) until this past summer when he apologized and confirmed that I was right on the money all along. My friends thought I had lost it. It's tough living here in Republicanland. Most people prefer to live in denial. I think it's nice to live in denial too. Sometimes I wish I were one of those bush supporters living in fantasy land. Facing reality was a tough thing for this blonde lady. It is a great tragedy to wake up from a dream to find out that there was an underlying nightmare all along.

How about you?

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