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Saturday, October 30


by pissed off patricia

Do you want to help get the job done? You can! Check out VoterCall
From their website:
"The election on November 2nd may be the most important of our lives, but millions of people, including many of those most affected by unjust government policies, will not show up to vote on election day. VoterCall provides a simple way for individuals anywhere to make a huge difference - placing brief phone calls to encourage low-income, minority and young voters to go vote.
The set up is simple and easy to use. You can call from anywhere you have a phone and access to the web. You can call as many, or as few people as you like - there's no minimum or maximum commitment required. This site will guide you every step of the way, technical support is also available by email."
Clock watch
Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour before you hit the sheets tonight. No, you can't set it back four years, even as much as you might want to.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to understand how the showing of the new ObL tape yesterday is going to help bush. Seeing that the man who planned and executed the attacks of 9-11 is still standing and talking makes us feel safer? How does that work exactly?

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