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Friday, October 29


by pissed off patricia

The Numbers (game?)

Think about the numbers. Numbing numbers they are too. Estimates are out that about 100,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed as a result of bush's desire to invade Iraq. Even if the total is half that amount, it is still staggering. Today it was announced that 1,111 soldiers have died in Iraq. We have over 8,000 wounded soldiers. The cost of this war is escalating to over 200 billion American dollars. Then there's the nearly 350 tons of explosives missing from Iraq.

The polls show that the percentage numbers for Senator Kerry and bush bounce around in every state just about every day. Sometimes it's a 50/50 split and sometimes one or the other has the lead but within the 3, 4, or 5 percent margin of error. The numbers vary.

We can move on and count the number of Americans who are jobless, insurance-less, homeless, and less a lot more of the things that they had four years ago. More staggering numbers there too.

It's all there in the numbers. What would we do without them? What about the gazillions of dollars we are paying to Halliburton? What about the those numbers? More and more numbers are flashed in our face every day. At the Kerry rallies they are holding up signs each day and those signs show the number of days until the election.

Oh shoot, let's not forget about the numbers we'll hear election night. Damn, that will be number-arama won't it? We'll hear about numbers in every state and we'll hear a lot about time, which is also composed of numbers. You can't talk about the electoral college without numbers. Numbers will be shooting out of our TV's with astonishing speed. We'll all be watching those numbers roll across the screen. How many numbers do you think we'll see and hear? I'm guessing the total will be innumerable.

Yes indeed, it's all about the numbers. It's about 9-11 and it's about nearly 3,000 people being killed that awful day. It's about these numbers verses those numbers. Sometimes the numbers are good and sometimes they can weigh you down. Tuesday night we'll want our candidate to have high numbers and we'll want his opponent to have low numbers. We'll want the voters to turn out in high numbers and we'll want the number of Americans who didn't vote to be low. We'll want an honest count of the votes too. We'll be depending on the numbers because it's all about the numbers.

Sometimes you have to wonder. If we didn't have the numbers, would anything count?

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