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Thursday, October 21

Bitchin' With Three Good Reasons

by pissed off patricia

The president of the United States denied that he once stated that the whereabouts and capture of the man who planned the most dastardly of all attacks on the United States, which resulted in the deaths of 3000 people, was unimportant. Even though his remarks to the contrary were caught on film, he did not apologize for his error. But, the media only stirred, turned over, and went back to sleep. The vice president says that he never mentioned a connection between 9-11 and Iraq and the media peacefully slept on. Mrs. Kerry forgot that Laura bush was once a school teacher. Even though Mrs. Kerry apologized for her error, the media is up and running with their hair on fire.


The new bush commercial about the little girl who emotionally shut down after her mother died during the 9-11 attack is done in such a way that it suggests that bush has the ability to heal with the old TV evangelistic laying-on-of-hands sham. The commercial says that when bush hugged the little girl, she began to finally show emotions and she cried. We see a picture of bush hugging her and he has this "look what the terrorist did to this child" look on his face. The little girl says bush asked her if she was okay and the insinuation is that she is a changed child due to bush's words and touch. Then it fades to a profile of bush's face and the impression is that he's bowing his head in prayer. In my opinion that little girl's tragedy is being used for political purposes. The widow in the new Kerry commercial, Kristen, is an adult and she endorses Kerry. Two very different commercials aimed at two very different audiences.

The members of the House and Senate are guaranteed flu shots because they are exposed to the public a lot. I don't believe they are the only ones who have a job that exposes them to the public, do you? Yesterday one of the idiots on Fox News stated that they too had been given the option for flu shots if they so desired, regardless of age etc. So basically the chosen get the shots and the not so chosen can take their chances. One state is holding a lottery to see who is lucky enough to get the shot. Yesterday bush said that Kerry's health care plan would result in "rationing". "Rationing" was not the best choice of words for him to use in relation to health care, especially in light of this situation with the flu shots. It reminded me of another time recently when he made another statement using ill chosen words. During one of the debates he said that he tried to keep his daughters on a leash. He said this even as visions of Ms. England with the abused prisoner on a dog leash still danced in our heads. He's either incompetent, insensitive, stupid, or he's just so brazen and cocky that he doesn't feel he has to choose his words wisely and carefully. You pick.

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