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Monday, October 25

Bitchin' Something to Consider

by pissed off patricia

Yesterday I heard someone talking about a gutsy move on behalf of a female and they said the woman "had balls". Well, I'm not fond of that phrase for a couple of reasons. First is sounds crude to me and second it seems to insinuate that for a woman to be strong, she has to imitate a man. Believe it or not, men did not invent strength and power, even though some would like you to believe that they did.

I think maybe I have a better idea. If, when a man is gutsy he is said to have balls, then I think if a woman is gutsy, she should be said to have bells. Men have balls, and women have bells. It sounds nicer and it doesn't associate a woman's strength with male genitalia. That is not where a woman's strength originates. To say that a woman has bells suggests that when women are strong their strength rings out. See, isn't that a better and more appropriate mental image?

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