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Monday, October 18

Bitchin' In Unladylike Terms

by pissed off patricia

Will someone please hold my gloves, because I must take them off.

Bush did it again. He is speaking on all the cable news shows and he got this spot under the guise that he was going to make a major speech about national security. Oh yeah, he's talking about national security alright. He's doing the national security part of his stump speech and that's all the hell it is. He is lying up the ying-yang, but what else is new? He is blistering Senator Kerry and the freakin' suck-up audience is whipped into a frenzy as they scream and yell. This is most bizarre because this is the second time he has scheduled a "major speech" and all it turned out to be was a fucking, vote for me or you're all going to die at the hands of the terrorists because that's what would happen if John Kerry wins, speech.

The stuff he's saying now on TV, he didn't have the guts to say to Senator Kerry's face during the debates. Now, with his cozy little ass kissing audience, he's tough and as usual, nasty. I find it so very strange that he smiles when he speaks of the most dastardly events. I also find it very strange that so damned many people actually believe the bullshit that he's saying. Meanwhile, the crawl at the bottom of the screen tells about car bombs and people being killed in Iraq. You remember, that's the place where we send soldiers die so they don't die over here. We send our soldiers over there to piss off everyone and then when our soldiers are murdered there, we don't even have to clean up the blood off our hands or anything. How tidy is that for the people of America? Soldiers, we would like you to run over to Iraq, jump into vehicles and ride through the towns so whoever the hell is over there, can shoot at you and kill you. We want you to do that because Saddam might have had an intent to harm America. Okay, maybe intent is a vague word but if you go and get killed over there it will be so much better for bush's re-election and all. We'll kiss you and wave good-bye when you leave, but please, if you return in a flag draped coffin, could you stay out of sight? You know how real a war seems when the public has to see dead soldiers coming home. It's not good for political morale, if you know what I mean.

This is going to sound sort of mean I guess, but when I see the flock worshipping at one of bush's bullshit fest, I want to ask everyone of them, if they are such god-damned war worshipers, why the hell don't they sign up and get their asses over to Iraq to fight this damned war. Women and men, if you love this fucking war so much and if you believe in this insane president, then fucking prove it to me. Go the hell over there today. We have a shortage of troops due to an overage of deaths, so put your life where your mouth is. Support bush? Sign up!

I'll take my gloves now. Thank you.

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