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Sunday, October 24

Apathetic Voters

Say you were an apathetic voter. What reasons would you give?

- I'm too tired to vote after work. I just want to get home and stay there.
- It doesn't matter, my vote doesn't count anyway.
- I live in a red state and I'm a democrat, so it doesn't matter who I vote for.
- I live in a blue state and I'm a republican, so it doesn't matter who I vote for..
- The candidates don't care about my state. They are always in Pennsylvania or Florida.
- I can't tell which candidate is telling the truth. They both insist that the other is lying and I don't have time to make sense of it all.
- As usual, both candidates stink and I don't relate to anything they are talking about.
- I don't like their nasty smear advertising. I don't know who to believe.
- The electoral college is ridiculous. Why are candidates campaigning in states with such a few electoral votes and we in a state with a lot of electoral votes are being ignored? We have needs too.
- They had 4 years to fix the voting system and they blew it.
- It's all crooked. The elections are rigged. Who cares?
- When they get rid of the electoral college, I'll vote. My vote doesn't count anyway.
- What's the electoral college?
- They should have the election on a weekend like in other countries. More people would vote.


All these reasons are valid. First of all, the electoral college, which was started so that candidates wouldn't ignore less populated states has completely backfired. Larger states with more taxpayers haven't seen many advertisements or seen a candidate in a rally.

The electoral college makes voters feel disenfranchised. For instance if I want to vote for a Democrat and I live in a red state and the weather is lousy, I may not bother to go to the polls after work.

There is no truth in advertising when it comes to political ads. It's down to a "he said, he said" campaign and the media is only playing up the lies rather than exposing the lies. The media isn't using the airwaves fairly. The FCC is run by a partisan republican operative and the best interest of the American citizens comes after partisan politics.

The media is always talking about polls and the polls are always changing. There must be something wrong with the polls. How can a thousand or so people really reflect the national sentiment? I don't believe it.

The electoral college needs to go. The polls should be run by the people and not by politicians. Why are partisan politicians having a say in election issues? In each state, there should be a non-partisan board whose main concern is making sure that all the votes are counted and that all votes count. The whole nation should use the same methods of voting. More citizens should be encouraged to get involved in the election process.

Why is election day on a Tuesday? More people are off from work on Sunday than Tuesday. In Europe, the reason more people vote is because elections are held on weekends. Makes sense.

People are ill informed. It takes a lot of work as many of us here know to find out the truth about a candidate. Reporters and journalists don't do the research. How many times have I discovered something or another blogger has discovered something that didn't even make the mass media for weeks, or ever? The media is of no use to anyone who doesn't have time to research the candidates. The American people are fooled by the so called 24 hour news stations. They are partisan corporate shills who occasionally give a voice to the opposing side just for show.

It's time for those of us who do give a shit, to hold our states accountable for the electoral process, to work to abolish the electoral college and to actively push for truth in advertising for all political advertising whether it comes from the candidates, the parties and 527's. I'm sure a volunteer task force would be glad to review all advertisements for accuracy before they are allowed to go on the air. Free speech is one thing, but lies and misleading information should not be tolerated when it comes to something as important as a national election.

Election reform should start now.
I urge everyone to start writing letters and urge the media to listen to us, do their jobs and help the American people win the country back.


With Jeb Bush as governor, and voting machine maker Diebold contributing to the Republican party, this might be what voting is like across Florida on Nov 2:
Watch this video in Quicktime or Windows Media
Take action now.

Republicans attempt to confuse voters in Democratic-leaning areas of Philadelphia by requesting the city relocate 63 polling places- 53 of which are in Black and Latino neighborhoods. Denied

We're sorry the Republicans threw away all the Democrat's voter registrations but it's too late to do anything about it. Oh well!

Not only is Bush wrong, most of his supporters are too, "According to the study, 75 percent Bush supporters also believe 'Iraq was providing substantial support to al Qaeda.'

A team of international observers who are monitoring the November 2 elections is calling for major reforms in the U.S. electoral process to promote confidence in that each voting system. But most Americans will probably not even find out about this because the mass media won't report it.

What kind of democracy do we live in where American citizens are refused the right to see their president speak unless they declare support for him? Is this a democracy or a dictatorship?

What kind of democracy do we live in where concerned citizens for clean air are treated like terrorists?

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