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Monday, September 27

What do you make of this article?

Bush still master of debating game (Times of India)

WASHINGTON: George W Bush doesn't like debating, but he is good at it, and that deceptive reluctance will be part of his arsenal when he goes toe-to-toe with John Kerry.

Republicans are still trying to paint the incumbent president as the outsider, as in the comment by Bush communications advisor Karen Hughes who recently remarked that the Democratic presidential contender, a veteran senator, has "spent his life preparing for these debates."

But Bush is actually a formidable debate opponent, as he demonstrated against Al Gore four years ago, thanks to his simplicity of expression and an instinct for when to attack. "Bush has been far more skillful in his debating career than is generally appreciated and his successes in that realm put his widely noted lack of eloquence in a different light," journalist James Fallows observed in a recent article in The Atlantic Monthly magazine.

The biggest danger for Bush is no doubt his own syntactical slip-ups and factual vagueness. Several times during a press conference with Iraqi prime minister Iyad Allawi on Thursday, he referred to the "Afghan army" when he meant "Iraqi". He confused terrorists Abu Nidal and Abu Abbas and even spoke of the "Soviet dinar" as the currency in Saddam's Iraq.
This article is in the India Times. Is this for Indians living in the US or Indians living in India? And what is the point? Bush has a touch of alzheimers but he might win the debates anyway? Who says who wins? CNN and Fox? I don't even have to watch the debates to know who will be declared the winner though.

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