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Monday, September 20

W is for Women, F is for Fascists


"'The women's vote should not be taken for granted,' said Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women 'He [Kerry] runs the risk of the entire campaign if he does not succeed in getting the message out to women that he is the candidate who will make sure they have decent jobs and fair benefits.'"

Gandy and others said the Massachusetts senator had given Bush an opening to appeal to female voters with his "W is for Women" campaign, which featured First Lady Laura Bush as her husband's top surrogate.

The president's reelection effort has worked to create a grass-roots network of female supporters, giving them material about Bush's agenda to distribute at "W is for Women" house parties."


Can you imagine those W is for Women parties? Sort of tupperware, make-up, passion parties without the passion. Teas to reinforce their camaraderie in suburbia. Envision SUVs parked around the cul de sac. Self loathing, self denial, self abuse with jell-o and sample ballots. How to be a good wife, mother, secretary, second chair, second class fiddle to the distractions of running children from dance lessons, to soccer practice, to baseball games, church, and reading Dr. Laura on how to care and feed your husband. He works so hard, W. needs your mind and uterus for America, put out for all the men in your life, wife.

Don't mock the importance of those teas for W. Kennedy used the same tactic in his campaign where every vote indeed mattered in that stunningly close election.

Many of these so called "Security Moms" just don't realize that their children aren't going to have any safe air to breath, aren't going to have better schools, aren't going to have better opportunities. Unless of course it is the opportunity to get drafted.

Women aren't going to have better jobs, better health care, better birth control because W. knows what is best for the minds and bodies of American women. No jobs, no equal pay, no abortion rights or, and this isn't hyperbole, no birth control.

The Security Moms are who Sylvia Plath was discussing when she wrote how

Every woman adores a Fascist,
The boot in the face, the brute
Brute heart of a brute like you.
(from 'Daddy', 1966)

These women are so afraid of themselves, of their ability to make their own choices, that they want the patriarchical W. to make those decisions for all of us. He is the leader of their congregation, the head of her house, her church, her body. It is not the abstraction of foreign terror they fear, it is the fear that there is something missing in their lives and the right man can liberate them from the fear of uncertainty, of responsibility for their own lives.

What is so soul murdering about this is we, as women, still count on a man, be it Kerry or Bush, to give us our own humanity. The Stepford Wives for W. Erasing the fear of Hillary. We are told all of our lives that we cannot take care of ourselves so no wonder we want someone to take care of us.

Why are we so worried about liberating Middle Eastern women, which is not really happening, and yet we are selling our rights to control our own bodies to W? While their may not be "rape rooms" there is indeed rape in Bagdad. Rape is on the rise in lawless Iraq and is not on the decline in the United States, either.

Daddy/Husband/President. Why are we at the dawn of the 21st Century and still looking for a man to make our lives more complete?

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